Welcome to BioAust Pty Ltd

BioAust is a leading-edge company dedicated to the commercialization of the latest ideas in Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

BioAust operates from three key technology divisions that will each focus on marketing new products that are the first of their kind in the global markets.

Innovation: new ways to manage product handling in fresh food industries including modern machinery, super-efficient production facilities, packaging and hygiene controls.
Health: new ways to advance health in a wide range of areas with focus on human health, animal health, crop protection and environmental sustainability.
Energy: new ways to produce environmentally sound fuels from easily obtained raw materials and from recycling difficult to manage waste material.

BioAust promises;

  • World First Technology
  • Leading edge products
  • Commercial readiness
  • Patentable and Registration ready products
  • On-going Research and Development past the point of delivery
  • Support from liaison with Leading University Research Centres

BioAust Divisions are managed by highly experienced people with diverse backgrounds in biotechnology, nanotechnology, research, marketing, manufacturing and financing.

BioAust is ready to assist you with your technology ideas in Joint Ventures, Licenced Agreements or Contractual arrangements.

BioAust are an experienced in project work across agricultural development and health related innovations. Projects in energy and agriculture have environmental and sustainability inclusions that are climate friendly.

We are available as a contracted partner, a project management team, joint venture participants and innovation developers for your specific industry. Contact us to discuss how we can change your efficiency through unique and specific innovation!