Sustainable     Environmental   Technology

BioAust Aquaculture Pty Ltd is partnering the development of a large scale commercial aquaculture operation at Jurien Bay, Western Australia, for production of high quality lobster products, both WRL and MBB.

Against this backdrop, the parent company, Indian Ocean Lobster Pty Ltd recognized a number of future aquaculture opportunities in Western Australia that exhibited potential for global comparable advantages. 

In the last decade interest in the aquaculture of Lobster species has been gathering wide momentum, this aspect of aquaculture is also where Summermor has recently focused its attention.  A primary reason for the focus on Lobster species recognizes that current markets combined with existing technologies dictate that few fish species in Australia can be cultured with a reasonable margin after costs.

The development will benefit from leading technology designs supplied by other BioAust companies:

  • BioAust has invented a mechanical/biological treatment system for waste management in aquaculture. This system overcomes many of the environmental issues associated with land based aquaculture and has interest from environmental authorities.
  • BioAust Automation Technologies also developed an automated grading system for crustaceans based on colour and shell hardness. This technology will be applied for grading the very high value soft shell lobsters for market.

This project is designed as a three stage development to:

  • Culture 5000 tonnes of Western Rock Lobster (WRL) and the Morton Bay Bugs (MBB, Flat Lobsters) in Western Australia.
  • Initial investment to achieve the full operational commercial rock lobster farm.
  • New developments in culture technologies and nutrition mean that it is now feasible to culture these animals on a large scale in shore based tanks.

Global comparable advantages in terms of marketing and endemic species will be maximized and the WA operation will have world wide recognition for quality and consistency.