Health & Natural Products

BioAust Health Pty Ltd has innovation on a number of projects delivering new science and technology to the Human Health, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical and importantly, the agricultural industries.

These new technologies are a combination of development of new compounds from natural plant extracts linked to some very inventive nanotechnology. The result will give a range of new products that will provide much longer life and greater efficacy in application.

The technologies are being developed both in Australia and overseas. The product groups are wide in diversity but each have markets calling for stronger natural product development and a wider level of innovation. The areas of development include household cleaning products, personal care products, insect repellency and control products, human health products, animal health products and pest management for agriculture.

BioAust has strong links with a Botanical Refinery to develop new compounds for use in many product developments. The equipment in the refinery, not available in Australia, is state-of-the-art and will produce compounds that will be 99% pure (or better). These developments will link with our Pharmaceutical and Integrated Pest Management projects. In Australia and Vietnam BioAust health has developed a natural feed additive that when used on live poultry will reduce the level of pathogens to a low and much safer level for human of consumption of poultry meat. This project has received interest from major retail supermarkets where the issue of food poisoning is watched carefully. This technology applies equally to other animal groups.

In Australia, BioAust Health is working with a major producer on control methods for Small Hive Beetles and Varroa Mites in honey production. This much needed technology will aid in the health of beehives and the increase in bee numbers in agricultural environments.

Other areas on development relate to the provision of new technology in animal breeding, dairy product processing, but specifically in providing the technology that allows agricultural regions to register as “organic farming”, This benefit brings much greater market interest and better return on investment for the community and the farmers.

More information on our projects are available on request. BioAust can be contacted through or by telephone +61 (0) 4 18 888 683. Trial process and outcome reports are available to interested parties.

We are pleased to share our technology and innovations under Joint Venture or Project based Agreements. Please contact us to discuss.