BioAust Innovation Division has its focus on the development of new concepts that will enable many industries to be more efficient, more flexible and more efficient. Recent innovations include;

Waste Rubber: the development of handling processes to manage the recycling of earth- moving tyre from the mining industry. Currently most used mining tyres and conveyor belts are sent to landfill as there is no readily available recycling process. BioAust has innovative methods to manage these tyres and greatly reduce the landfill issue. Moves by various EPA authorities will soon see tyre burial as illegal. Waste mining tyres can be converted cleanly into electricity and liquid fuels with captured carbon as a by-product.

This technology encompasses passenger vehicle tyres and will as it is adopted, greatly reduce the amounts of tyres in stockpiles or landfill. Great for the environment. BioAust has used the waste tyre innovations to create new mining explosives that also have major environmental advantages. The use of rubber, as a fuel to replace diesel oil, provides greater explosive efficiency, higher velocity (VOD) and heave and a huge reduction in pluming. This provides a much safer working environment for mining teams. The explosives are safe in transportation, safe during mixing and cleaner to handle. Versions of the explosives are waterproof and can deliver 100% explosion after 10-days in water.

Work on catalysts for waste material conversion to energy have resulted in a new catalyst that has a 70%+ conversion rate at first pass. This is almost double many of the currently available catalysts. The more rapid conversion is both handling and cost efficient. The catalysts are made from readily available materials and they are environmentally sound.

Other areas of expertise in innovation include cross-over projects with health and energy divisions. BioAust Innovations welcome enquiries on any projects needing smart minds and new ideas.