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BioAust Invited to Special Meeting in Hong Kong - 18/12/2007

In mid December BioAust was invited to a special meeting in Hong Kong with officials from the Shandong Province Regional Government. The First Mayor of Dongying City Mr Zhang and his delegation were conducting a seminar on the revival of key rivers in the Shandong Province, focusing on the Huang River Project. This was the first opportunity for commercial businesses and overseas investors to meet with the Mayor and his Director General Management Team in one location.

BioAust was asked to present to the First Mayor on the development of the Sino-Australia Science and Technology Park to be constructed in the Dongying Development Zone. The land for the park had been allocated by the Chinese Government and the First Mayor was considering approval of the first stage of the project. BioAust was joined by Mrs To, Assistant Trade Commissioner, Queensland and a representative from BioAust Energy Pty Ltd.

In Conjunction with Chang ‘An Group from Dongying BioAust presented a number of project concepts that would form the backbone of the Technology Park’s development. These concepts included Integrated Pest Management, River Cleaning, Forest Planting, Seed Coating and renewable Energy.

The First Mayor was impressed with the breadth of the innovation that was to be part of the Park’s development. In response he assured the connected parties that the Sino-Australia Science and Technology Park had his full support and that he looked forward to the commencement of projects such as the Renewable Energy. First mayor Zhang and a Dongying delegation will plan to visit BioAust’s home city of Brisbane early in 2008. BioAust will facilitate an invitation to visit from both the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland State Government.

BioAust CEO Keith Quigg discusses Dongying with First Mayor Zhang

At the conclusion BioAust signed a memorandum of Understanding with Chang “an Group Chairman Xia Chunliang to confirm the interest of both parties in the development of Dongying City. First Mayor Zhang sponsored the signing of the agreement. Director general for Trade in Dongying, Mr Bo Sun (fourth from right) made the arrangements for BioAust to meet with the Mayor and provided the services of his staff member Mrs Emily Chen as interpreter. Mrs To from the Queensland government Trade Department said that this was a significant moment for Queensland and one that should be given all available support.

Signing the MoU supported by First mayor Zhang and the Dongying Delegation

Radhe Visit on JV Opportunity - 23/03/2007

BioAust Energy Pty Ltd had the pleasure this week of hosting a management team from the successful Indian company Radhe Renewable Energy Development Pvt Ltd. Radhe specialize in briquette machinery and gasify’s which are used in many industrial situations, mainly in the India ceramics industry. The Radhe team lead by Dr S. V. Makadia had not visited Australia previously and they were enjoying the chance to see the local economy at work.

The purpose of the Radhe visit was to meet with the Directors and Technical staff of BioAust Energy and discuss the opportunity to JV the manufacture of Gas-to-Liquid and Coal-to-Liquid conversion plants. BioAust have already identified strong market opportunity in South East Asia and Radhe will be able to link with their existing customers on this project.

The visit was coordinated through the Queensland Government Department of Premier and Cabinet with the specific assistance from Romila Prasad and John Armstrong. Discussions were held in the Government offices in Brisbane.

For the first part of their visit the Radhe team spent time at UQ with the scientists from the AIBN nanotechnology centre. This proved to be a fortuitous visit as the parties were able to cross reference on technical points and to improve the conversion concept. Further talks during the week led to the development of a Heads of Agreement document that will be ratified over the next few weeks. The initial project will provide a pilot plant using the new ideas discussed and the catalyst technology developed by the AIBN centre at UQ.

The Radhe directors Mr BT Moradia, Mr Kirit Ganatra, Mr Kaushik Gardharia and Mr. Javia, along with Dr Makadia enjoyed the interaction with BioAust Directors, Mr Laurie Hunt, Mr Alan Twomey, Mr Keith Quigg and adviser Stuart McGlashan and Richard Bunning. Several dinners led to interaction with great humour and some wonderful food.

The visit was the brainchild of BioAust Research Engineer Mr Ketan Vansjariya who had visited Radhe in India to make the initial contacts. Ketan will now take on the role of liaison between the two parties and he will no doubt do a very professional job.

BioAust looks forward to visiting Radhe in the near future with the assistance of the Queensland Government.