Natural Pest Control for Broadacre Crops and Seeds

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BioAust Seed Technology and BioAust Health have several joint projects under way to vastly change the approach to safe farm pest control. These projects are all based on natural bioactives extracted from native plants from Australia and neighbouring tropical locations. The processing and bioactive selection is a key part of the difference and the success of these technologies.

The initial and key program is the completion and commercialization of natural broad acre crop sprays that will meet all criteria of government innovation programs, Workplace Health and Safety regulations and certifications for Organic farming. The technology, while invested in the selection of the most effective bioactive compounds, is based on the innovative slow-release and surface penetration techniques.

Specifically the technology also allows for selective insect controls using processes such as hormone interruption rather knock down killing. This allows the predator insects and other friendly insects to continue without risk from these sprays. Additional benefits include the removal of issues such as overspray and wind-borne drift onto neighbouring farming precincts. All sprays are safe for human use and do not require special handling programs.

Seed Technology, which is based on the pest control process, allows for the seeds to be coated with repellency and kill attributes that protect the seed while static in-ground and during the germination periods. Add to this the ability to add growth enhancement, water supply retention and arid zone conditioning and the technology will allow for significant crop increases.

Each of these projects is open to partnerships in development and marketing and commercialization investment. The innovation is unique and has application across global crops and global markets. Further details are included in the attached documents.

BioAust can be contacted through or or by telephone

+61 (0) 4 18 888 683. Trial process and outcome reports are available to interested parties.